Egress Emergency Windows in Bonneville County, ID

If you want to add living space to your home’s basement, egress windows are an absolute must. However, your typical window installer likely does not have the tools or the skills necessary to do the requisite digging and concrete excavating. Instead, contact Central Valley Concrete Cutting (CVCC) in Bonneville County, ID, and have us install your egress emergency windows. 

Why Do I Need Egress Windows?

First, egress emergency escape windows are legally required in basement living spaces for most of the country. The reason why these windows are required — and why you should have them even when not required by law — is that they provide an effective escape route in the event of a fire or other emergency in the home. Counting on a clear exit route up the stairs and through the rest of the home is simply too risky.

The regular living spaces in your home have windows that can also be used to escape in the event of an emergency. Moreover, they bring light into the house, which improves the mood of its occupants. Egress windows provide your basement and its inhabitants with these same advantages. Egress windows are a good idea whether your basement has a bedroom or is just used for leisure.

Why Does It Require Concrete Cutting?

Because these windows are for your basement, you have to get through the concrete foundation to install them. Normal window contractors will not have the tools or the experience necessary to perform this concrete cutting. At CVCC, we specialize in concrete cutting, and we can efficiently cut your concrete foundation and install your egress windows.

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